Background Embossed Frame

Supplies needed:  PSP X2 , probably will work with other versions.  FM Filters (Blend Emboss); Simple (Quick Tile) Neology, mine is in my Filters Unlimited (Blend Mosaic), Mura Seamless (Emboss, Shift at Arch), ScreenWorks (Net Pattern), graphic or tube of your choice (one that is plain, not busy looking).  Resize if necessary.  You may use my corner if you like, or choose your own.  Ok, here we go!  Click for my doodad.         
1.  BACKGROUND.  In this tutorial  we make the background first as we need it as a pattern for our frame. 

  a.  Open a new 200x200 transparent image. Copy and paste your tube into the image. Add a layer.  Choose a color from your tube as a background color. Flood fill with the color and send to the bottom. Merge all.  Simple; Quick Tile.  Add noise: 10, Gaussian Blur, monochrome checked.  Neology: Blend Mosaic; Mura Seamless: Shift at Arch; FM Blend Emboss two times. Minimize this square for now.               

 2. FRAME.  Take your copy of the resized tube, add a layer.  Choose a light background, in my case, I chose white.  You may put a shadow on the tube, it's up to you.  Merge all.  Choose two colors from your tube.  Add 3 pixel border in one color,  Add 5 pixels in white. Click with magic wand, and fill with the background pattern you have made. While selected, go to Effects: Inner Bevel: Your choice, or you may use this one: 

  Deselect. Add 3 pixel border, with chosen color. 

This is what you have so far.


3. Add border of 15 in your second color.  Click with magic wand. Screenworks: Net Pattern.  Deselect.


4.  Repeat the above 3-5-3 border.  Add 25 pixel border of white and fill with your pattern. Add noise: Gaussian blur, 10, monochrome checked. Mura's Seamless: Emboss twice. Deselect.


5.  Repeat the 3-5-3 border.  Add corners if desired.  I have included my little corner if you would like to use that.


6.  Add a layer, add your watermark and merge all.  Take the background pattern and lighten it up so that it will be light enough to read letters.  Merge that also.  You're done!  Now just assemble in Letter Creator for IM......




7. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me....