Making a Simple Desktop Calendar


Here are some simple directions to make a desktop calendar.  It is not precise measurement, you will have to trust your own eyes when you apply the days of the week and numbers text.  I'm sure there are other tutorials that will give you better measurements, but this has worked for me for a couple of years, as I make Akita Rescue Calendars and personal calendars for the family.


1.  Any version of PSP will probably work.  Supplies here.  A template is included in the supplies.  


2.  Create a new transparent image, 800x600.  This will be your background for the desktop calendar.  I find this is plenty large enough, it fits perfectly on my 17" monitor.

3.  Decide what type of theme you would like for your calendar.  I am choosing to create an April calendar, so it would be a Spring-Easter theme.  Place this background in your PSP pattern palette, or just open it in your PSP and place in your palette that way.  Or choose a pattern of your choice for a background.       Flood fill your large transparent image with your pattern background.

4. Go to your grid, copy and paste as a new layer on your main image.  It will show up as a black grid.  Using your magic wand, click on the lines, and you will see that all the lines will have marching ants.  Now you can fill the lines in with whatever color you'd like.  I chose a bright yellow.  You can also adjust the size of the grid by going to the transform tool.  You may apply a drop shadow of choice.

5.  Starting just above the grid, choose a plain font, about size 15.  I have made my choice as Floating. Starting at the middle above the grid, type out the abbreviated days of the week.  When done, you will have to stretch the selection to fit above the grid squares.  I used Franciscan font.  So far your calendar should look like this:     Don't forget to keep saving your work!

6. Now choose a fancier font to inscribe the month.  I used Freebooter Script, size 60, stroke 1. I also added a shadow. You will need a less flamboyant font to type in the days of the month.  I am using Easter Parade, size 40, stroke 0.  Starting on Wednesday, type in your numbers for the week.  I added two spaces between each number.  After you type it in, you'll want to stretch your numbers to fit, so you will have to promote it to a selection!  Add a shadow.  Continue to add numbers, it gets trickier when you get to the double digit days of the month, you might have to only put one space in between, but I have confidence you can do this!  LOL  Heck, if I can do it, you sure can!!

You now have: 

7.  Again, save your work.  Now hide your background by putting a red X on it, it should be Raster Layer 1.  Go to another layer and highlight the layer, then merge visible.  Now you have a template you can use for other April Calendars.  You can copy and save this as a *.psp.

8.  Now comes the fun part.  Figure out what you would like to have as "props" for your calendar.  I chose an Easter Basket, and I found a tube of a Marshmallow bunny, resized it, and put it behind the 16th, which is Easter Sunday.

9.  If everything is placed where you want it, merge all.  You can add a border if you like, but normally I don't.  Add a layer and put your watermark on it.

Hope this little tutorial made sense to you.  I love making calendars!  If you have any questions please email me,

This is what your final calendar should look like:

Here is another example: