Diamond Shape Frame   


Supplies: PSP (I believe this will work with most versions), the preset diamond shape, Simple Quick tile, FM Tiles, blend emboss, a graphic of choice.

1.  Open a transparent image of 300x400

2. Preset shapes: select your diamond shape.  Use these settings:

3. Color palette: click on null for foreground color, black for background.  Draw a diamond on your transparent image.

4.  With your magic wand click outside the frame and inside the frame so that the entire frame, and the diamond frame are surrounded with marching ants.  Selections: invert.  Choose the color you would like for the frame and floodfill with it.

5.  Effects: 3d: Inner Bevel with these settings:  Bevel 2, Width 10, Smoothness 39, Depth 8, Ambience 2, Shininess 37, Color White, Angle 315, Intensity 30, Elevation 53

6.  You now have your diamond frame.  Save as a *.psp to use for later creations.  Copy the frame, and use this copy for this particular tutorial.

7.  You must get rid of the marching ants, so select none.  With your magic wand, click inside the diamond.  Selections: Modify: Expand by 1 pixel. Find your graphic that you want to use, and copy.  Then go to your frame that has the marching ants inside the diamond, and Edit: Copy, paste, into the selection.  (In this case I had to resize this beautiful picture to make it fit into the selection)  Merge Visible.  You have completed the frame.  If you would like to make a side border stationery, continue the tutorial.

8.  Image: Canvas Size: 1280x400 (or height of your image)  Click left middle box for placement.  Drop shadow: H&V 1, Opacity 100, Blur 8, color black.  Repeat using H&V as -1.

9.  Add new raster layer.  Send to bottom.  Choose a light color from your graphic, and flood fill.  OR, in my case I took the copy of the graphic, used Simple Quick tile, added a raster layer, lowered the opacity to my liking and merged all.  Then I added blend emboss.

10.  In your main image, once you have your background completed, merge all.  Add your watermark and that's it!  Hope you enjoyed doing this, it really is quite easy. 

End result:

Any questions, let me know

The artwork was done by TC Chiu and it is called "White Orchids"  No copyright infringement is itended.  The graphic was used for instructional purposes only.  This tutorial is my design, and any semblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.