Supplies needed:  PSP 10, probably will work on other versions of PSP.. Image of your choice, longer in height and no wider than 350 pixels.  Better effects if you use a one object image or tube to which you have added a solid background. Supplies here. (Image and Mask)        


1.  Take your image,  duplicate it twice and close the original.  On one copy,  apply mask of your choice. (Make sure mask is on your workspace, then go to Layers: New Mask Layer: From Image--find your mask name and click ok)  Merge group. You'll now have this: (the white portion will show as transparent)

2.  If you are using my image, choose black as a foreground color and a light pink for the background, otherwise select two complimentary colors from your image.  Go to Image: Canvas Size: Choose width of 1280 and height the height of your image, choose the left middle box and press OK. (Again, the white will be transparent.)


3.  Add a raster layer.  Move this layer to the bottom.  Go back to your second image, and copy it.  Select the large image, Selections: All: Paste into selection: Deselect. Effects: Image: Seamless Tiling at default setting. 


4. Effects: Distortion: Twirl at default setting.  Do this once more. Effects: Distortion: Warp, then Punch, then Wave all at default settings.

5.  New raster layer.  This should show up as your second layer in your palette. Flood fill with your light color.  Lower the opacity to approximately 60, so that your shimmer shines through! (But not too dark as it will be hard to write text.)  Hide your side border (visibility toggle) by clicking on it.  Make sure that your highlighted layer is one of the two bottom layers.  Merge visible. Repeat your seamless tiling.

6.  Unhide your side border. Highlight this and add a drop shadow that you like, I used V 0, H 4, Opacity 50, Blur 12, color black.



7.  Don't forget your watermark.  Merge all.

  Final results!!

Another example

Another example made by Rich, a member in my Filters-n-Frames Group--this really came out stunning!  Thank you, Rich!


Hope you enjoyed this!!!