Making a Divider from a JPG image


I was asked in my group, Filters-n-Frames, how to abstract a divider from a JPG file.  This is a quick way to do it, but it can only be done when the divider or object is on a solid color background.  This happened to be a ding divider I made and had saved as a *.jpg to show it.


1,  Take an image that has a blank background.  


2.     Click on the background with the magic wand.  


3.  Selection: invert    This will just make the marching ants around the divider.


  1. Edit: copy: paste as a new image


You now have a divider, save as a PSP file.  This is just a quick way of showing you, but some can be very tricky, and you won’t be able to get the magic wand to select all of the pieces you want

Good luck!

Any questions, send me mail