Double Gold Frame


1.  The supplies you will need is a graphic of your choice.  Make sure that the picture is no longer than 350 pixels.  Other supplies are: gold gradient of choice, Cybia filter: Mezzy; PhotoEffex filter: Scanline; FM Tools, Blend Emboss filter


2.  Make a copy of your original graphic.  Close the original.  Choose two colors from your graphic and place in your palette.

3  . Add a border of 1 pixel black.  Choose one the colors you chose, and add a border of 1 pixel.

4.  Add 1 pixel border of black.  Add 2 pixel borders of the second color you chose.  Then add 1 pixel of black.  It should look like this:


5.  Add 25 pixels of white.  Select with magic wand and fill with your chosen gold gradient.  Keep selected and apply Cybia filter MEZZY, using Dusty setting at its default.  Keep selected

6.  Add PhotoEffex filter, Scanlines at default.  Deselect. Now your frame should look like this:

7.  Apply FM Tools, Blend emboss at default.  Add 1 pixel black.  1 pixel first color, 1 pixel black, 2 pixels second color, 1 pixel black.  Deselect.  Copy.

8.  Add 20 pixels white, choose with your magic wand, and paste into selection.  Deselect.  Add a corner of your choice if desired.  Add your watermark and you are done!  Now that wasn't difficult was it?  LOL  Hope you enjoyed making this.

Here's the final frame:

9.  To make the background:  Copy your original picture, again no longer in height than 350.  Seamless tile.  Add a layer, fill with your gold gradient.  Decrease the opacity to what you like.  Seamless tile again.  Add PhotoEffex Scanlines. Just to make sure your tile is seamless, I use the filter X-Fader.  It is awesome!

Your final letter looks like this in Incredimail:

Here is another example: