Easy Watermark

When I finish creating something, I like to put my watermark on to show it is my creation.  This is NOT stating that artwork, tubes, fonts etc. are mine, just the creation itself.  I found a super easy way to make a watermark, that you can import as a custom tube to have ready at all times.

1.  Open an image 300x300 in white

2.  You can just use text or you can use a shape to enclose your text in.  I am choosing a shamrock.  LOL

3.  In your color palette make the foreground black and the background white.  Set your shape to a size of 8.  Draw your shape as large as you like.  Convert to raster layer.

4.  Choose a fat font for your text, it shows up much better as a watermark. I am using One Stroke Script 1.

Switch colors in your color palette, and add your text.  Convert to raster layer and merge down.

5.  With your magic wand, click on the white background.  You'll see marching ants around the square and also around your shape, or if you just used text, you have the ants around the text.  Go to Selections, invert.  You'll see marching ants now just around the shape, or the text.

6.  With your raster layer highlighted, copy and paste as a new image.  You'll have your watermark ready to go, minus the white background. 

7.  Take your new image and go to Texture effects, then emboss.  This is what you'll have. (I resized mine to a size I liked, you can do the same, as the only way you'd want a large watermark is for a large image)

8.  You can save this as a watermark as is, or you can also go to File: Export: Picture tube.  That way you'll always have it handy to watermark all your creations.

9.  To give your file the look of a watermark, you must remember to do these two simple things:

a.  Always apply the watermark as a new layer

b.  When applied, go to blend mode in your layer palette and click on soft or overlay.  Voila!  (In this case I used blend mode Luminance.....play with the different settings to get a good appearance.)

This is a picture of my husband, Brendan, and grand son, Brady, at the NASCAR races.  One of my favorite pictures.

Hope you have enjoyed doing this.  When I drew the shape, I noticed that the name was KZ shamrock, and I believe the shape was created by Kate, who unfortunately no longer is into graphics.  She is dearly missed.