Embedded Tile PSP

Supplies needed:  PSP X2, but probably will work on earlier versions os PSP. . Tube of your choice (mine is a mist of my grand daughter, Kourtney) ; Open a new file, 500 by 500 transparent.        


1.  Pick a foreground color from your tube.  Then create a square with your preset square, about 62x62.  Add another layer.  Effects, Inner Bevel: #1, Size 5, Smoothness and Depth 8, Ambiance and Shininess 40, color the same as you chose for the square, Angle 315, Intensity 30, Elevation 50.  I saved the setting as "tile", and then hit OK.  It now looks like this: 
2.  Duplicate the layer 4 times, and place squares in a row Merge visible.   
3.  Duplicate this layer 4 times (or as many times as you wish) and arrange below the original bar.  Merge visible.  You know have a square of tiles.  You may make more or less tiles for your square depending on how large you want the square.


4.  Add a new layer.  Fill with your color.  Move down.  Merge visible.   
4.  Go to your tube and copy and paste as a new layer into your bar image, resize if necessary.   Apply drop shadow as desired.  Go to layer palette, and on your tube layer where it has "normal", click and change it to multiply. I lightened the opacity on my green layer as it was too dark. Take your crop tool and crop around the tiles, deleting the extra background.

   It should look like this.

5.  Choose your font and add text of your choice. Apply a drop shadow of choice.  Merge all.


6.  This should be your final result.