Embossed Swirl

Supplies needed: 1. An image or tube no larger in width than 350 pixels.  2. Mask of your choice.  The artist of this image is Patrick Adam, called "Morning Room"  No copyright infringement is intended, artwork is used as a learning experience in creativity.

1.  Duplicate your image, then close the original.  Let's do the background first.  Take  your image, and using your selection tool set at rectangle, draw a small square from a portion of your image.  Edit, Copy then deselect.


2.  Create a new image, 1024 by the height of your image. Select all, Edit, and paste into selection the small image you selected from the original image. Deselect.  Effects, Image, Seamless Tiling, Default.

3.  Effects, Artistic, Topography...use Embossed, or: Width 6, Density 47, Angle 325, Color grey of one of your choosing

4.  Add a new raster layer.  Choose a light color from your image.  I chose the light lavender color.  Flood fill with your color, and lower the opacity to about 65, or whatever suits your taste.  Merge all.  Repeat Effects, Topography, Embossed. Then Effect, Image, Seamless Tiling, Default.  Apply FM Tools, Blend Emboss at default settings once.  Minimize for now.

5.  Masked Frame:  Take the second copy of your image, promote background layer.  Load your mask, and merge group visible. The white portion of this picture is actually transparent. Copy this.

6.  Go to your long strip that you created, click on it, and paste as a new layer.  Your masked image will appear in the center.  Reposition it to the left. Apply a drop shadow.  In my case I applied it twice to make it more noticeable.  You may use these settings if you like, V1, H-1, Opacity 50, Blur 1, Color Black.  I have this saved to my settings as Tish's Shadow, and have used it so many times.  Originally from one of Tish's tutorials.  Thank you Tish!!


7.  Add a new raster layer, add your watermark, then merge all.  You're done!  Wasn't that easy???  In my case, the background still wasn't light enough to suit me, so before merging I lowered the background opacity even more

8.  Final result:

9.  Another example: (I like this one best.....I guess it is all in what you select to create your background that makes it so special.)

This tutorial was created from my own imagination.  I invite comments.  Enjoy!  Isn't creating fun!!!!!