I have been trying to replicate a beautiful tutorial for chrome text.  I scoured the Internet looking for the best way to get that glorious effect.  I found you could duplicate, and offset text, you could use a drop shadow multiple times to get the effect.  But I found one that has to be the easiest way of all to make a beautiful extruded text.

Most of us have Alien Skin, Impact in our Plug Ins.  That program was just what I wanted.  There is a filter called extrude and it does it all.  Mystery is solved, and now we can make some cool text effects.


This is what I did:

1.  Open a transparent file about 500x500 pixels.  Find a nicely shaped font that will really look good with some depth behind it.

These are my font settings:

2. Now pick out colors on your palette.  I chose a pretty floral in the background, and the foreground was a color that complimented it.

3.  Now type your text.

4.  Go to Alien Skin: Impact: Extrude and in the Settings use the default, go to Basic and change the color to your foreground color.  Hit ok.  The magic has begun!

5.  Now you can Control D and close the selection.  Add a drop shadow of choice, a pretty background and a tube to set it off and you are in business.



Here are some other examples I did