Materials:  Paint Shop Pro, gold or silver pattern of your choice, and a floral pattern of your choice.  The Inspiration Gallery has all sorts of goodies to explore.

HERE (They must be converted to jpg files to use as a pattern)

1.  Open a new image, 500x500 pixels.

2.  Choose one of the floral patterns contained in the zip file.  I chose the WP 124 file.

3.  Set your foreground and background to black in your palette.

4.  Go to your preset shapes and select a shape you would like to use to make a frame.  Draw the shape fairly large on your image.

5.  Select all, float, defloat.  Fill with a gold or silver pattern of your choice.  While still selected, go to Selections, Modify, Contract by 6 or 8, whichever you feel will look better for a border.  Hit delete.  You should have this:

Your palette should look like this:

6.  Go to your vector layer and delete it.  (This is only if you have a solid shape, some shapes are just outlines)

Duplicate your promoted selection layer.  On your copy of the duplicate resize by 80%.  Now you have two shapes.  Merge visible.

7.  Take your floral fabric and place it in your palette as a pattern, 0 angle, 25 scale.  Take your magic wand, tolerance at 0 to 5, and click in between the two frames, Selections, Modify, expand by 2.  Add a new layer and fill with your fabric.  Deselect and move your fabric layer to the bottom.

8.  Before merging them together, you may want to give a drop shadow to your gold/silver frame.  I used: V&H 0, Opacity 65, Blur 5, Color black.

9.  Add an element if you wish and merge visible.  All that is needed now is a pretty picture to place in your frame!

That's all there is to it.  Very easy and it looks so pretty!  Experiment with all those shapes sitting in your preset folder, I bet you'll come up with some awesome frames. 

Huggers, Bobbi


Here are a couple more examples: