Fabulous Ding Fonts

This tutorial is similar to the one I wrote about script fonts.  In this tutorial you will be using, what we call, "ding" fonts.  Fonts that have elements in them, not letters.  There are many free ding fonts on the internet.  I suggest you find one that you could use for your own personal collection.  It is addictive, let me warn you.  I have so many ding fonts!!  Ok, lets get going.  For tutorial purposes, I am supplying a font that will be used in the tutorial, plus a gold gradient I created.  You can also play with the stained glass samples I have in my Sharing page, they give a nice look to your dings.  Supplies

1.  Install your font.  Place the gradient in your PSP Patterns folder.  Create a new image of 500x300 pixels.  Flood with black.  (Makes it easier to see your work)

2.  In your color palette, make both foreground and background white.

3.  Set your text tool to 100, width 1 .  Type the letter N.  Object: Align: Center in Canvas.  Convert to raster layer.

4.  Making sure you are on the raster layer that has your typed letter, so to Selections: Select All: Float: Defloat.  Do not deselect.

5.  Go to Effects: Texture: Sculpture  Find your RRGoldGradient and use these settings:

Size 100, Smoothness 10, Depth 3, Ambience 0, Shininess 45, Color white, Angle 315, Intensity 30, Elevation 57 

Do Not deselect yet

6.  Go to Effects: 3d Effects: Outer Bevel and use these settings:

Bevel 1, Width 8, Smoothness 0, Depth 20, Ambience 0, Shininess 0, Color white, Angle 315, Intensity 50, Elevation 30

Click ok and deselect.  You now have this:



You can add a gem to this, if you desire, then close the black background and merge visible.  Save as a psp, psd or png image.  Now you have a lovely corner.  But your imagination should run wild.  Look at what else you can do with dings....



In the examples below, numbers one two and three show the difference when you use 1, 2 or NO width in your foreground palette.  Play around and you'll be amazed at what you can get with these dings.