Supplies needed:  PSP, an elegant font, such as Ekatarina Velkaya. Really you can use any fancy script font you wish, or any font that will give you the effect you want.

Super Blade Pro: a nice gold preset, such as goldshiny. Or use a gold preset in your palette. Again, any preset in SBP you want to try is fair game!

       Supplies include a font and a gems.


1.  Open a 300x300 black image.  (Black is used as it shows the creation clearly.)  Open your font, set your palette to white for both foreground and background.  Text: Floating, size 50.  Type in the letter A.  You'll see the elegant A floating on your black image.  Go to Super Blade Pro and apply the Gold Shiny preset.  *** If you use a gold preset from your palette, make sure the gold is set for both foreground and background.  When you type the letter, the gold will be the text. Promote selection to layer.  Select none.  Duplicate your layer.  Mirror.  This is what you'll have.....

  Hide your background layer and make sure your highlight is on one of the two font layers.  Merge visable.


2.  Now we need to add a bevel to the font.  Here is the bevel I used, I call it my "blinkie bevel"...have no reason why I named it like that, but I did it a long time ago, and I like the results..


3.  You can save this now as a pspimage, to use at other times, colorize etc....


4.  With a fresh copy of your image, now you can play!  I duplicated the font layer, mirrored it, moved them close to one another.  Or make it real fancy...


5.  Now comes the real fun part!  Grab an accent, like a gem, heart etc. to place in your doodad...


  A heart                                              A diamond                  Rotated with a gem             Different background and preset


  Rotated, flipped, & gem                Colorized                              Background changed, used as divider

A Side border Stationery

The possibilities are endless.  Play with all the settings of Super Blade Pro, some settings are more beveled than others, so that you will have to make your own bevel in PSP, or you may not even need a bevel! Don't stop at gold, try silver, try patterns...you'll be amazed at what you can create from a font!  I always apply a drop shadow, even on black, and SHARPEN....that makes it really stand out!  And you can get hooked on doing this!!

If you have any questions, please let me know...