This tutorial is my own, and any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

1.  Supplies needed:  PSP, probably any version, I used PSP 9,  an  image of your choice, Italian Editor Fantasma Filter, a gold pattern of your choice  Supplies HERE (I have included the filter, gold tile, picture and corner for you)


2.  Open your image, duplicate, and close the original.  Resize the image to no more than 350 pixels on the largest side. Choose a light and dark color from the image.


3. Add borders: 1 pixel black.  Add 2 pixels white. Select the white portion and fill with your gold pattern.  Add 1 pixel black.


4.  Add borders: 20 of your light color.  With magic wand, select the area and apply the Italian Editors Fantasma filter, at default.  Keep selected and add the following inner bevel:

5. It should now look like this:


6.  Repeat Step 3


7.  Add borders 20 (this can be the same light color, or for a change, use your dark color.  I did in this particular case)  Again select the frame, apply the Italian Editor Fantasma, and the same bevel.  Deselect.

7a  I FORGOT a step!!!!  You can do the step as above, and omit this one, OR you can add borders of 20 with the dark color.  Select, add noise, Gaussian 10, monochrome checked.  Then use edge enhance.  Then you repeat Step 3.  Add 20 pixels of light color, and then use the Italian Editor Fantasma, and same bevel.

8.  Repeat Step 3.

9.  Add corners if you like, and also don't forget to apply your watermark.  Then merge all!   Make sure that the image is no taller than 450 pixels, if it is, resize and sharpen. This is your final result:

Now, that wasn't difficult, was it???  I really like the effect that the Italian Editor gives.


10. Using the image you just created, take your selection tool which you set as rectangle, and carefully select a portion of the frame on the left hand side of the image, like this:

11. Copy and then paste as a new image.  Now we need to make it into a seamless tile.  Go to Effects: Image: Seamless Tiling and use these settings:


Now we are ready to make the side border.

12.  Go to Canvas Size.  Leave the height alone, and add the same width, so it is doubled.  In this case, the width originally was 51, so the width would be made 102.  Make sure you click the middle left box.  Now you'll have something like this.

13.  Duplicate this, and mirror the top image.  If you like, you can resize the corner you used and place it on the image.  Merge visible.

14.  Now back to Canvas Size....resize to 1280 or 1204 by the height of the graphic.  Add a raster layer and send to the bottom.  Fill with either of your colors. Go back to your top layer and add a drop shadow, check shadow as another layer.

Vertical and Horizontal at 5, Opacity at 50, Blur at 5, Shadow on new layer checked

15.  Hide your side image and background by x'ing them out.  Now all you have is your shadow layer open.  Seamless tile as before.  Open all layers.  On your bottom layer (background) you can add noise and enhance edge.  Merge all, and you  are done except to set it up in Letter Creator.


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Here are examples:




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