Supplies needed:  Paint Shop Pro or PhotoImpact, a picture with a central focal point, Penta Filter (dot and cross and color dot), Quick Simple Tile, FM Tiles: Blend Emboss

1.  Open your picture.  Duplicate it twice and close original.  Resize one to no larger than 400 pixels in height. Minimize the second one for your background. Choose two complimentary colors for your borders.

2. Promote your background layer.  Using the rectangular selection tool at add, no feather, select your focal point in the picture.

      Edit, copy and paste as a new layer.  Align the new layer on top of the original.  Effects: 3D effects: Drop shadow: H & V 2, Opacity 45, 

      Blur 5, Color black.  Repeat using H & V -2.  Select none.

3.  Highlight your main image (raster 1) and use this filter:  Penta: Dot and Cross with these settings: 

   Amount 72, Cross Distance 0, Cross Width 0

4.  Lower the opacity of your main image to between 50 and 60.  Now your selected frame really stands out.

5.  With your selection too, draw a long rectangle along the right side of your picture.  Add a layer and fill with a complimentary color.  Selections:  Modify by 3, then go to Penta Filters:  Color Dot, default.

6.  Apply same drop shadow as in #2.   You can add text of your choice at this point.  

      Merge all.

7.  Add borders: 2 same color you used for the long rectangle. 

8.  Add borders: 2 complimentary color you have chosen from your original picture.  (In my case, I decided to use the gold gradient I used in the text. 

9.  Add borders: 2 main color

10. Add borders: 20 white, add a raster layer, click white border with magic wand and then fill with your main color.  Go to Penta: Color Dot, default. Deselect

11. Add borders: 2 of your secondary color

12. Add borders: 2 main color

13. Add borders: 2 secondary color

14. Add any corners or accents that you would like.  Resize if necessary.  Add your watermark and you are done!

15.  Background.  Take your duplicate image, resize to no larger than 300 in height.  Penta: Dot and Cross, the same settings as in the frame.

16.  Promote background layer, and once again lower the opacity to between 40 and 60.  I lowered mine to about 45 to make it more text friendly.

17.  Quick simple tile.  Merge all.

18.  But of COURSE, you must add FM Tiles: blend emboss at default.   LOL  


That's it!!  If you have any questions, let me know!  Feel free to share this tutorial with groups.  My only request is a link back here....