This is an easy tutorial, and fun to make.  Your supplies will be:

Ding Maps Font

Super Blade Pro: Bobbi's Gold Wire Preset

Zip File Here   Open your font; place my preset in your Super Blade Pro Environments section


1  Open a good size image, it can be resized later.  Choose a background that will go well with gold.  (You've got a lot of choices there!)  My image is 600x600, teal.

2.  Set your font size to 200, black.  You'll have to go through the font to find your state, they are lower and upper case.  Once you have it on your image, enlarge it even more. I resized mine 120% x2.

3. Convert vector layer to raster layer.  Select all, float and defloat. Select modify and contract by 2 0r 3.  Hit your delete key, and you now have an outline of your state.  Do not deselect.

4.  Select modify, selection borders, select both sides #3 or #4, whichever looks like it will cover the areas without making a big blob!  LOL  You'll see marching ants around your black outline.

5.  Click on your black outline and fill with black.  It will just enlarge the outline for you.  Keep selected.

6.  Go to your Super Blade Pro and find RRGold Wire Words and click OK.  You should now have this:

7.  Choose a fat font and type whatever text you would like. I chose the font Aduren, size about 75.  Same as the ding, convert to raster, select all, float, defloat. Keep selected and add your Super Blade Pro set.

8.  You may now add any other elements you wish.  I chose an Orange Blossom, the state flower of Florida.  Add drop shadows to each and you are done! 

Any questions, let me know, ok?

In this one you see it with the settings of three

With this I used a setting of four and a different font.

This technique can be used on any solid ding, see below