Masked Slatted Background



1.This background was made in PSP 9, but probably any version will work.  Supplies needed, a tube of choice, Quick Simple Tile, mask which you can get here.  (I only have a name for the mask, and if you know who created it, please let me know so that I can give credit to the creator.)

2.  Resize your tube so that it is not longer that 350 pixels in height.  Duplicate twice, close your original.
3.  Take one of your duplicate images, and create a background for it.  Merge all.

4.  Resize your background image to 1024x350 or 1280x350, whichever you prefer.  Make sure to unclick "lock aspect ratio" and apply Quick Simple Tile.  Promote layer to raster.

5.  Choose a light color from your tube.  Add a new raster layer, fill with your light color.     Send it to the bottom.  Make sure you are highlighted on the top layer (the one with the tube).  Apply the mask.  Under group raster, merge group.

6.  Apply drop shadow: 2 V & H; 44 opacity, 20 blur, black         

7.  It should now look like this

8.  Effects: Texture: Weave with these settings:  1 Gap Size; 2 Width; Opacity 4; black color


9.  Select your other copy of the tube, copy and paste into your background.  Move to left hand side.  Adjust size if necessary.  Apply drop shadow of choice.  Merge all.  Add a layer, add your watermark.  Merge all again.  You're done! 
10. It should look similar to these two examples:


Any questions email me!