Mura Copy Side Border

Supplies needed:  PSP 9, probably will work on other versions as well. Tube of your choice, preferably one object that will multiply well; Mura Meister Filters         You may use this tube             


1.  Choose a tube that you feel will look well if multiplied.  Duplicate the tube, then close your original for safe keeping.  Resize so that the length is no longer than 250 pixels.  Create a new transparent image of 400 x 300. Copy your tube image and paste as a new layer into your new image. Go to Mura Meister; Copies and use the V-tile (random H Line) setting as shown:

Do not worry about the color of the bg right now.

2.  Go to Image; Mirror.  Now your image has reversed directions.  Merge visible. Apply a shadow of your liking. (I used V0, H4, Opacity 50, Blur 12 with color black)

3. Go to Image; Canvas Size; Width 1280, Height 300, (all in pixels) left placement arrow.  Move your image over to the left hand side.  Now the tricky part.  Effects; Image effects; Seamless tiling:

These are the settings I used, but you may have to play with width setting if you used your own tube.  It should now look like this:

4. New raster layer. Choose a color from the tube and flood fill this layer.  Arrange to send to bottom.  Effects: Texture: Blinds: use these settings, horizontal checked, light from above checked, and use a darker color from your tube.

5. Merge all.  Add a raster layer, add your watermark.  Merge all again.  You are done!!  This really gives a neat effect, I think.  If you have any questions, please email me.  This stat is my own creation, any resemblance to any other stats is purely coincidental.  You may use this freely, but please leave the tutorial intact.

Here is another example, different background: