Pensive Frame

  Updated, May 2011

Supplies needed: PSP9 or any version of PSP should work.  Filters Unlimited: Lens Effect: Refractor 1, Simple Filters, FM Filters (Blend Emboss), a gold gradient and  a graphic of your choice


1.  Resize your graphic to a size that would be a good size for a framed picture.  Make two copies of this graphic, and close your original graphic.  Pick two colors from your graphic, for your foreground and background.  Place your gold gradient in your color palette also,

2.  Add border of 2 black; add border of 2 with the light color you selected, add a border of 2 black.

3.  Add border of 5 white.  Select this with your magic wand, fill with your gold pattern, KEEP SELECTED, 3D effects inner bevel  Use these settings:

Select none.


It should look like this: 

4.  Repeat #2 directions

5. Add border of 25, with darker color you have chosen.  Select with magic wand, go to Adjust, Add-Remove Noise, Noise; Gaussian blur 10, monochrome.  Keep selected. Simple Filters: Left-Right wrap; Simple Filters: 4 way average; Simple Filters: Diamonds.  FM Filters: Blend Emboss, default setting.  Select None.  Repeat #2 and #3.

Looks like this:  

6.  Select all.  Modify: Contract 44.  Selections invert. 

7.  Distortion Filters: Refractor 1 (mine are in my Filters Unlimited Program), keep selected.

8.  Add FM: Blend emboss  Select None

Final result: 


1. Take second copy of image and resize to about 300x300.  Simple Filters: Quick Tile          

2. Distortion Filter: Refractor 1, default; Simple Diamonds. You may need a second layer of light color, and  adjust the opacity to your liking.

3. Merge all.   One more time:  FM Blend Emboss       



Final result: