The inspiration for this tubing technique came from a friend, Kat, who at one time tubed some beautiful images.  She has outgrown tubing and now has her own blogspot, and she digitally paints some gorgeous pieces.  This tutorial is dedicated to her.  She can be found HERE  She had a tutorial that got me started, though the tut is long gone, probably three computer crashes ago, I'm trying to reproduce part of her technique and what I did from memory.


1.  You need an image, DUH!  I found this picture at  they have free images there for you to play with.  You may use this one, or another image of your own, start with something easy, something with no background to distract you.  This is a small picture, click HERE for the larger picture.

2.  First we want to make the image a raster layer. Right click in your palette and convert to raster layer.  Also we want to enlarge the image so we can play a little easier!  Go to canvas size and add about 50 to 100 pixels on all sides.

3.  Open your selection tool to Freehand, and make the feather about 85.  That's large I know, but trust me!  Go to the edge, around 0 and go along the top of the picture, then down tracing her hair as close as you can.  Then go over to the edge and trace up to where you first started. Just do a bit at a time, don't try to do the entire picture.

4.  Press delete.  This is what it looks like now.

Continue the same technique all around your image.

5.  Add a new raster layer, fill with white

6.  Add a new raster layer, fill with black

7.  Take your image and move to the top.  This is what you'll see.

8.  We need to clean this up a bit.  So lower the feather to about 30 and do the retracing bit all over again.  It's looking better, but you can still see the outline around the girl.  Close your white layer and the black background will be visible.  We need to do more work on this!

9.  Lower your feather to about 12, and retrace.  You can retrace in smaller amounts of the image than before so you can get detail.  Play with the amount of feather also, what you think makes the image "tubed".  Here is my end result.




Any questions please email me!!  This is a quick tube, not perfect, but when you want something for a tutorial you are doing, this comes in handy!