Romantic & Soft

Supplies needed:  PSP   It will probably work on any version. Place texture in your PSP texture files. Tube of your choice; Open a new file, 400x400 transparent.        A Texture, you may use mine if you'd like:

Eye Candy, 3.1

Quick Simple Tile

FM Tools (Blend Emboss)



1.  Pick a foreground color from your tube.  Be sure that you have your texture checked on the right hand side in the color palette.  Flood fill your transparent image.  Add a new raster layer, flood fill with a slightly lighter color of the same foreground color, but remove check for texture.  Lower the opacity to your liking.  I lowered mine to 64.
2.  Merge visible.


3. Apply Eye Candy 3.1: Jiggle: Bubbles, (Bubble size 30, Warp size 30, Twist 20)  Apply twice.  Merge all.

4.  Apply Quick Simple Tile.  Effects: Edge: Enhance  Your background tile is now complete.  Edit: Copy and minimize for now.


5.  New image 1280x400 transparent.  Select all, Edit: Paste: Into Selection.  Deselect. FM: Blend Emboss default. Quick simple tile once more to be sure it is seamless.


6.  Open your tube, copy, paste as a new layer on your stationery strip.  Move to the left to your liking, adding a drop shadow, if desired.  Add new raster layer.  Add your watermark.  Merge all, and optimize as JPG.



7.  Here is another example: I did not use a darker original color, both colors with and without the texture were the same.  Makes this one much softer looking....