This is a very simple script to create, and it will save you the time to make a polka dot tile.


1.  First you must find your script tool.    This is what mine looks like: 

2.  Take your cursor and pick the round circle to start the script.

3. Forget about it for now.  Open a new image 100x100 white background.  Go to your preset shapes and choose circle.  Choose a color for the "dot".  I chose red.

4.  Draw a small circle.  As you can see it is not exactly in the middle.  Go to edit, cut, paste as a new layer.  This was center it for you.


5.  Merge all

6.  Go to image, effect , seamless tile at default.  Now you have  

7.  Go to your script palette and choose the save button, name it whatever you want.  You are done! 

8.  Run the script to see if it runs correctly.  If all is well you can use this as a pattern in your color palette, at 0-100.  The background for this tutorial was used with the pattern I made.

Any questions, please let me know....


This is an enlargement of the pattern used with a 300x300 image

Another background script I created