I have used PSP X2, but this tutorial would probably work with other versions.

Supplies needed: an image, one that will "sketch" well, such as a face.  You may use the one I used, which was downloaded from morguefile.com  Click HERE

1. Open your image and resize to a good working size.  Duplicate image in your layer palette so you now have two images.  With your copy of the image opened, go to image: and click on greyscale.  This will make both images b/w.


3.  Duplicate the copy of the image. On the 2nd copy of the image, go to Image: Negative.

4.  In layer palette change Normal to Dodge.  This should make the image almost entirely white,.  So don't be alarmed when you stare at a white image.  The next step will correct it.

5.  Go to Gaussian Blur and use a radius of about 12.  You may have to play with the settings to get it the way you want it.

And you get this amazing result!  I just sharpened it a bit.

6.  You may also use NIK colorizer to give it jus a tad of color

Easy and such a lovely result!!

I got the idea for this when I did a PhotoShop tutorial..written by Steve Patterson

The original link is