Slanted Sandpaper

1.  This tutorial was done in PSP 9, but can be done in other versions.  Supplies needed: a tube that is no longer than 350 pixels in length, Simple filters (Quick Tile),  Distort Filter which is here. FM Tile Tools is optional.

2.  Starting out:  Open your tube, duplicate it, and close the original.  Make sure it is the length mentioned above.  Choose a light and dark color from the tube for your materials palette.  Copy the image.

3.  Create a new image 1204x(the length of your tube plus 30 pixels), transparent.  Select all, paste into selection.  You'll now have a very large warped picture of your tube.  Select none. Add a new raster layer.  Arrange to send to bottom.  Flood fill with your darker color that you chose.  Merge all.

4.  Quick Simple Tile.

5.  Adjust: Blur: Radial Blur and use the Zoom centered preset:

6.  This is what you have now: 

7.  Effects: Art Media: Brush Strokes with this setting:   Use your dark color as the color.

8.  Quick Tile once again.

9.  Distort:  Glass, texture, frosted:  Distortion 5, Smoothness 3, Scaling 100 %, inverted NOT checked

10. Effects: Edge effects: Enhance   

11. Effects: Geometric effects: Skew  

12. Quick Tile once again

13. To make more text friendly, promote background layer.  Add raster layer.  Flood fill with your lighter color.  Reduce the opacity to your liking. Merge all.  You may use FM Tile Tools: Blend Emboss if you want more texture in your background.  I LOVE texture!

14. Copy your tube, paste as a new layer onto your image strip.  Move to far left, apply shadow of choice.

15. Add new raster layer.  Apply your watermark.  Merge all, and optimize as a JPG.

Here is the result:

   and another  


Hope you've had fun with this.