Materials needed:  Paint Shop Pro, FM Tile Tools, some flourish and swirl brushes, installed and a fading white gradient.  I am including a free Photoshop brush set I found on the Net, but the brushes  must be converted to PNG files.  There is a converter called ABR Converter, freeware, which I am also adding to the material.  The white gradient is mine, which I edited from Corels fading white gradient, attached also.  You must add that to your gradient files.

Here is the material needed

Here we go!

1.  Open an image 600x600 pixels transparent.  Flood fill with you choice of dark color.

2.  Add a layer.  Foreground of your palette should be white. Find a flourish swirl brush of your choice and brush it once on your layer.  Depending on the size of your brush, you may want to duplicate the layer and move it around until you find something you like.  For this tutorial, I've made all the examples half the size, so I only needed to brush once.  Merge all. Lower the opacity to about 20 or to what you prefer. Apply FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss at default setting.

3.  Add a layer.  Find your fading white gradient and fill the layer.

4.  Lower the opacity to what you like, I lowered mine to 29.  Merge all.  Apply FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss

5.  Apply Simple: Quick Tile or any other seamless tile filter that will give you a nice textured result.

This is the result from Quick Tile

This if from a filter called XFader

6.  Here are other examples using different swirls and colors: (These will eventually be placed in my Sharing page for you to snag if you want)


Hint:  You may have to play with different settings of Seamless Tile to get one that works well for the flourish swirl you chose.


Hope you have enjoyed this, let me know if you have any trouble.  In the meantime that wonderful ABR converter will come in handy....whenever you find some Photoshop brushes you'd just love to use, remember the ABR!  I kept forgetting what the program was, so I installed it in a folder I have for just Photoshop brushes, now I don't have to go searching or trying to remember its name!  LOL