Creating a Textured Paint Brush Tip

INFO:  This can be created in most versions of PSP.  Supplies needed: Eye Candy 3.1, Quick Simple Tile or 2020, and your imagination! 
1.  Open up a new image 300x300 transparent.  Any color will do for now.
2.  Now choose your colors for the material pallette...complimentary colors such as same colors, different hues, are the best.

3.  Flood fill your image with one of the colors         

4.  Go to your paint brush tool,  set at round, size 50, Hardness 50, Step 10, Density 100, Blend Normal.  Taking your complimentary color draw on your square, any design you want.        
5.  Go to Eye Candy 3 and use this setting.  (Whirlpool spacing 30, Smear 15, Twist 70, Streak detail 40)       Tip:  Save these settings and the following settings if you think you will be using them again, name them whatever strikes your fancy!  LOL
6.  Go to Effects: Art Media: Brush Strokes (Softeness 91, Bristles 235, Width 10, Opacity 51, Length 16, Density 76, Angle 16, Color Black.  Hit OK         
7.   Now we need to make it a seamless tile.  Go to Quick Simple Tile, accept the defaults, or you may use the program 2020. Blend emboss a couple of times until you have a good texture.  Save as a *.jpg.    
7.  Now to make the paint brush texture.  Make a duplicate of your file, go to Adjust: Hue and Saturation: Colorize:  Settings: Hue and Saturation both set at 0.  The color should change to grey.    
8.  With you grey image highlighted, go to File: Export: Custom Brush.  A window pops up and you can name your brush and also put your name in as creator.  See, told you it was easy!  LOL  Here's a strip using an example of the brush in action...


Please let me know if you have any questions:    Thanks for trying this!!