Written and Collaborated by Tish and Bobbi

Vector Tube Script by Pixelnook

Needed are : Vector Tube PSP Script (HERE), a PSP shape of your choice 

1.  Open a Transparent canvas, the larger the better.  You can always resize later.

2.  Draw out a vector shape - line width 1 and fill colour white or ivory 

3.  Choose a tube (this is from your picture tube tool)- pearl, gem, gold dot -  

Choose as above, a pearl, gem, or something that will become a pretty border. 

settings  will have to be resized and fiddled with to trace along.

4.  Choose scale of tube - step ( the smaller the number the closer the dots, gems will be  - Mode Continuous - Selection Mode Incremental.


Run Vector tube script.  (Make sure your vector tube script is loaded in your PSP script tool and you have it selected)


In the Layer Palette the Stroked object is on its own layer. By hiding the vector layer you can check the stroked object layer and if the tube placement runs wide, lower the step.  If the tube placement is too close, increase the step.



If you like the result, unhide the vector layer - highlight the vector layer - convert to raster


Use the magic wand to select the light colour on the raster layer - Modify selection - increase by 1 - fill with pattern, gradient texture or solid colour.


Add a bevel, shadow or inner glow to this layer.  (I went nuts with this one, added texture, bevel, sharpened, colorized, BOK)


Magic wand - select the transparent areas you wish to fill -  Modify the selection - increase by 1


Make a New Layer, drag underneath Raster 2 and fill



Add effects to this layer. I.E. bevel, or whatever suits your fancy!


For each transparent selection make sure you are on Raster 2 - Make a New Layer - Drag underneath Raster 2 and fill with something different - add effects


Continue until all transparent areas are filled


Merge visible, save as a PNG.  Sure makes a pretty element!!

Here's Bobbi's result