Christmas Card Tutorial



This is adapted from an Adobe Photoshop tutorial I found online.

Supplies needed along with Paint Shop Pro are

1.  My gradient  HERE

2. Christmas Shapes PSD for PSP by Camxso   HERE

(Downloaded from DevianArt, a free download)  You will see all sorts of shapes for Christmas.  Choose one of the trees, and a few snowflakes.  Export these to brushes.

3.  You may want to add a tube or text of choice.

Let's start!

1.  Since this is a card, it will be a large size.  Open a new transparent image sized 1280x1024

2.   Open your rrsky gradient.  Use Sunburst, Angle Repeats 0, change settings for Center and Focal points, VERTICAL only to 40..

3.  Fill the image with the gradient.

4.  Change gradient to linear, Angle and Repeats 0.

5.  New layer.  Take your pen tool, freestyle, line 0, and start left hand side about 500 on your ruler and draw across the card making it look like a hill, be sure to drag down the sides, back across the bottom and up to the beginning to make sure the entire bottom area is covered.  It should look like this:

6. Convert to raster layer.  Go to your gradient, and set it at linear, Angle and Repeats at 0.  Fill your little hill.  Now you have:

7.  Set your foreground to 003173

8. New layer.  With your brush paint a tree.  It can be anywhere for right now, and duplicate 7 times.  You now have 8 trees.

9.Take one tree and place it over to the left just below the hill.  Take another tree and place it adjacent to the first tree, resize 90%, all layers unchecked.  Now you have this

10.  Now comes the fun.  Change your palette color to 1962C1.  Move another tree close to the second tree on the left.  Fill with this color. Resize 90%

11.  Move another tree next to the rest and color with 307fe4.  Things are really shaping up!

12.  Move three over to the right hand side, and fill with the same color.  Resize two 90% and place.

13.  Take you last tree and fill with 6BA0E3.  Place it where you would like.  The final result now looks like:

14.  Back to your pen tool again.  Draw another hill, same as before. Try to cover part of the tree trunks.

15.  Change your palette to this gradient and fill.

Now we are getting there!

16. One more hill...make a gradient with white in forgeground,, background 6BA0E3. Angle and Repeats 0, inverted.  Fill

17. Make your foreground bBA0E3, open your brush, default, at these settings

18.  Lightly brush over your hills to give them the effect of a shadow, you can just about see it

19.  Choose about four different snowflakes, and on separate layers for each, brush them in, in various sizes.  The end result should look like this.  You can paint them all over the image if desired.

20.  Merge all.  Add a tube or text, you can also add a border if desired.


My result