Easy Flower Scanning

Supplies needed:  A fresh flower, preferably one that was picked early in the morning with the dew still on it, a flatbed scanner, a graphics program to scan the flower to.        


1.  Make sure you pick a flower that has a stem that you can hold, as you do not want to crush the flower on the scanner.  Open the scanner and make sure it is clean, as the scan will pick up everything especially specks of dust.


2.  Hold your flower so that the petals are just touching the surface of the scanner.  Press scan, but turn your head away as the light will be very bright.  It's sometimes hard to hold your hand steady in this position, but try!  LOL


3.  After you have scanned your flower it will be sent to the graphic program you selected.  It will be a huge file, so the first thing you must do is resize it to a workable file size.  I cropped my picture and centered the rose as best I could, then I sharpend.

(Before cropping)  

4.  After you have cropped your picture if you use your zoom tool you will notice white specks on the black.  I just painted them over with black with the paint brush.

5.   Your flower is basically done.  You can make a tube out of it, or use it as is.  The black background is stunning with this rose.

6.  Now, wasn't that the easiest thing!  You can do this with all sorts of flowers, and as you can see below, I even did a lime slice!

    They will always have a black background, so if you want to use this with a different background, it must be tubed.




Other examples..


Here is one I made into stationery:



Hope you enjoyed this!!!    Email me with any problems, ok! Bobbi @ Ramblin' Roots