Icy Gradient Tile-for PSP, PI and PS

Supplies needed:  Graphics program of your choice.  Filters Unlimited: Distortion Filters: Cracked and Ink; FM Filters: Blend emboss; Simple: Quick tile, and a tube/object, readymade frame of your choice.      You can find filters at this link:



1.  Choose a light and dark color from your tube/object/picture.   In your color palette (PSP) or Edit, Fill, Gradient (PI and PS) make a gradient.  Open a new file 300 x 300 and fill with this gradient.                                    Now you have just a plain gradient tile.


2.  Apply Filters Unlimited, Distortion: Cracked. (PS users may use the Distortion filter in the program, Craquelure also).  Increase the density to something that you like, I increased mine to 170, so that you could really see the effect. Play with it, sometimes you need to really intensify it.
3.  Apply Filters Unlimited, Distortion: Ink Blots.  Increase the density to something that you like.  I increased mine to 82  This one you don't have to intensify quite as much as the "cracked"...

4.  Apply FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss TWICE.  This will make the detail really stand out and give it a "brocaded" look. (In PS use your sharpen tool twice)
5.  Apply Simple Quck tile and you are done!  You have a lovely tile to use!  You can change colors of the tile using Hue and Saturation, Colorizer in PSP, PS and Photo, Hue and Saturation in PI.  You may also lighten the tile so that you can see text on it for you Incredimail Stationery.

Hint....I used Mura's Seamless, WAVE on this and it was really nice, but somehow I lost the settings for the seamless tiling.  Quick tile works fine.

Using PSP

Using PhotoImpace

   This is the PhotoShop sample