Muted Soft Plaid Tile--A Tutorial for PSP, PI and PS

Supplies needed:  Either PSP9 or PI 10, earlier versions would probably work just as well, but these are the two I used.  Name Suppressed: Plaid Lite;  FM Filters: Blend emboss; Simple: 4 Way, and a tube/object of your choice.  Resize to 300 length, and not over 350 width       


1.  Choose a light and dark color from your tube/object/picture.   In your color palette (PSP) or Edit, Fill, Gradient (PI) make a gradient.  Open a new file 300 x 300 and fill with this gradient.                                    Now you have just a plain gradient tile.



2. Apply Name Suppressed, Plaid Lite with these values: Pattern 44, Rotate 137, Colors 11, High Quality
3.  Apply Simple: 4 way average


4.  Apply FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss TWICE.  This will make the detail of the muted plaid really stand out
5.  Now this tile is ready to use!  Here are a couple of examples for you....  



                                 This is the Photoshop one
This tutorial was created from my own imagination.  I invite comments.  Enjoy!  Isn't creating fun!!!!!