I was born in Cambridge, MA, but grew up at a seashore community, named Hull.  I lived right near the Atlantic Ocean, and grew up loving the sea.  I was an only child, my mother raised me on her own, as a single parent, with the help of my beloved grandfather.  My parents were divorced when I was very young, so I never knew my father until I searched for him when I was over 40 years old.  I had a wonderfully happy innocent childhood that children of this day and age can only read about.  It truly was an age of innocence.   I attended Hull grammar schools, graduated from Hingham High School.  My name is really Barbara, but I go by the name of Bobbi .

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Brendan, my husband, was also born in Cambridge, MA, same hospital as I, only seven months before me.  He grew up in Cambridge, and when he graduated high school  (St. John's, North Cambridge) his parents bought a home in Hull.  I met him at a local Catholic youth group meeting.   When I met Bren he was in the Coast Guard stationed on a cutter out of Woods Hole.  He spent quite a bit of time on ships during his career in the Coast Guard, a couple of isolated stations, and spent time in land operations in MA, NY, FL, AK, and HI.  He was in the medical field, as a corpsman, and was the "doctor" onboard ships, as the CG did not have physicians onboard at that time.  After retiring from the CG, Bren worked for the VA Hospital in Miami for 27 years, as an administrative aide.  His knowledge of the medical field astounds me.

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We were married in 1959 and spent the next 20 years wandering around the United States, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard.   What a wonderful life it was, and we got to see so much of this beautiful country, and most importantly, meet so many friends.  We have good friends we have known for over fifty years, courtesy of our travels. Two children born in MA, one in AK and one in FL.  We now have six grand children, and two great grandchildren, all but two live in the area.  We have been blessed indeed.

I consider my husband a patriot.   He has given 47 years of his life to his country, and I am so proud of him.

I was a "jack of all trades" and worked as a telephone operator, a telephone customer service representative, a teacher aide, a typist, a Government employee working for  the Contracting Officer, New York and a Ward Clerk for Tripler Army Medical Center (both in Pediatrics and ICU), a medical assistant and office manager for a local pediatrician, reservationist for Pan Am Airways and also Norwegian Cruise Line.  As usual, I can do a bit of everything, not proficient in one particular thing.

We both recently retired --- for good!  Bren is enjoying golfing whenever he pleases, and I spend my time playing with my computer .  As you can see I adore graphics and designing web pages.

Bren and Me, November 2011

Below is a family picture taken the same time.  Only one missing, unfortunately, is my oldest son Mike and his family.