Catholic Compilations  

Years ago while attempting to trace my Catholic genealogy, I found Catholic records very difficult to research.  I found the very old journals of the American Catholic Historical Society at a local seminary here in Miami and copied them for my own personal use.  It occurred to me that others were having the same problem finding records, so I compiled them.  Seems after I started all this, all the genealogy companies were on the bandwagon to get Catholic records into print.

I recently found my books on a CD, and decided to once again share them with those who do not have them.  They are free for the taking.

Unfortunately, CATHOLIC TRAILS WEST, Volumes I and II are sold out.



St Joseph's, Philadelphia, PA; Baptisms 1776-1781--new--  

St. Joseph's, Philadelphia, PA: Baptisms 1758-1775--complete records

St Joseph's, Philadelphia, PA: Marriages 1799-1808 and 1826-1836

Father Farmer's Marriage Registers, St. Joseph's, Philadelphia, PA, 1758-1786

Goshenhoppen, Bally, PA: Baptisms 1741-1818

Goshenhoppen, Bally, PA: Marriages, Deaths, Conversions, c 1741-1819

St. Mary's, Lancaster, PA: Marriages, Baptisms, Burials c 1793- c1804

St. Patrick's, Sugar Creek, PA: Baptisms c 1803-1899; Marriages, 1837-1980, Burials 1872-1980

Father Helbron's Greensburg Registers, Greensburg, PA: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, c 1799-1828

St. Michael's, Loretto, PA: Baptisms, Burials 1797-1899

St. Augustine, Philadelphia, PA: Marriages 1801-1838, Baptisms 1801-1839


Other Miscellaneous Records Found in my research that I abstracted.

St. Ignatius, Adams Co, PA

St. Peter's, Reading, PA

St. Thomas, Mooresville, MD

A Fairly Large file of Strausbaugh/Strasbach/Trosper material that was originally started as a venture between Don Osborn and me.  I lost touch with him, but I'm sure he would not mind me publishing these notes in order to help other Strausbuagh researchers.   Strasbach Notes

These are the compilations I have left to scan: To be honest I don't know when I'll get to do this.

St Joseph's Baptisms August 19. 1791 to December 1795

St Joseph's Baptisms January 1791 to August 16, 1791 and 1796-1799

St Joseph's Baptisms 1800-1810