Mike is the oldest, our first born.  Born 1 April 1960 in Boston, MA.  Oh how I cried because he was an April Fool baby.  Brendan was not even anywhere near Boston when Mike was born, he was sailing in the North Atlantic on Coast Guard patrol.  Needless to say he would not believe the communications officer telling him he had a son, he thought it was an April Fool joke.


Mike was athletic as a kid growing up.  He loved baseball, basketball, football.  Between Mike and the rest of the kids, we spent a lot of time racing back and forth to various sports events to watch our kids compete.



Mike became a Daddy in 2000.  Tiffany is his pride and joy.




            Love, Love, Love..... the joy of Mike's life, daughter Tiffany         


Mike married his present wife, Mary, in 2004

Tiffany, 2006 school picture    

Updated pictures of Tiffany and Mike

Mike currently lives in Miami and works for the USPS.

The boys before a Red Sox game in Ft Myers, 2012

Tiffany and her cousin, Brady, at the game in Ft Myers, 2012


2014--Cruise Time!