Maureen was born in Kodiak, Alaska, 19 November 1961.  Alaska is such a beautiful state,  I'm just sorry that she doesn't remember any of it!  Maureen was born at the Naval Hospital there, which no longer exists.  The Naval Base is now a Coast Guard Base, parts of which can be seen in the movie, "The Guardian."  Living in Alaska was a wonderful experience and we felt we were really living in the "last frontier"...


Maureen has two children by a previous marriage:



                    Jennifer                                                  Britney

Maureen is now married to my God-son, Jim Alexander, Jr.  Jim's parents were stationed with us in Kodiak, AK.  Jim was born two weeks before Maureen.  We have kept in touch with the family for all these years, and when Jim was stationed here in Southern Florida, he called us to say hello.  The rest is history!

June, 2009


Family picture  taken December, 2009.  Britney, is Maureen's daughter; Kristen is Jim daughter; and Sarah is the "adopted" daughter of Maureen.  She grew up with Britney, and when her Mom died of cancer, Maureen became her surrogate mother.,

Maureen is a Grandma!!  She has three grandchildren, sons of her daughter Jennifer.  Elijah was born in 2007, Ethan was born in 2011, and Evan born 2013. I won't mention that it makes me a Great Grandma!  LOL




   Elijah, Ethan and Evan.....such cuties!


Britney and Me, 2014   I'm so proud of her, she is in school and will graduate with her LPN in August and continue on for her BSN.  She's a wonderful girl and deserves only the best!

Maureen lives in Broward County with her husband, Jim and daughter, Britney. 


Graduation, June 3, 2009



Jim and Maureen on their 50th birthdays!