My Tutorials  


I have written some tutorials, geared toward the beginner who is starting out using a graphics program.  You'll find a little of all three major programs,  These are all my creation, and any similarity to other published tutorials is coincidental.  No copyright infringement is intended for any of the materials used, as they are all for training purposes.

You are welcome to use my tutorials, please give a link back to my original tutorial.  Now choose a tut and go for it!


          Abstraction Frame           Frame in a Frame
          Animated Candy Hearts           Frosted Plaid Background
          Ball of Fun Background           Gold Edged States
          Basic Blend           Incredimail Letter Creation
          Background Embossed Frame           Masked Slats Background
          Colleen Frame           Mura Copy Side Border
          Desktop Calendar                        Paint Brush Weave Background
          Diamond Shape Frame           Pensive Frame
          Distortion Shimmer Background           Plaid Side Divider
          Divider Abstraction           PSP Tubing
          Double Gold Frame           Romantic Background
          Double Mask Frame           Simple Script
          Easy Watermark           Sketching
          Embedded Tile           Slanted Sandpaper Background
          Embossed Swirl Background           Stained Glass
          Extruded Text           Stationery Set for Incredimail
          Fabric Frame           Swirled Textured Background
          Fabulous Ding Fonts            Textured Paint Brush
          Fabulous Fonts (similar to above)           Christmas Card
          Fantasma Frame and Side Border           Desaturate a Background

Vector Tube a Shape


Photo Impact

          Abstraction           Zig Zag Top Border
          Ball of Fun           Background Embossed Frame
          Embedded Tile           Creating Lace
          Frosted Plaid Background           Double Gold Frame
          Pensive Frame           Plaid Side Border



          Abstraction           Ball of Fun
          Background Embossed Frame           Embedded Tile
          Frosted Plaid           Pensive Frame

For all Three Programs

          Easy Flower Scan           Icy Gradient
          Muted Soft Plaid