My friend Ellie has a wonderful website, and spends a great deal of time updating for all of you.  One of her pages is so useful, I asked permission to link it here.  It is MY bible when I need to find out anything about graphics.

Check her website out...from her own tutorials, to translated tutorials, to to links for anything and everything, fonts, you name it.  In fact she has information on getting the wonderful 3D text effects you see here.  Just click on Ellie's name below.

I created this page  in order to share some of my things with you .  Nothing spectacular, just simple sharing and caring. 

My set of sponge can easily colorize these too HERE is the Zip file

These are my stained glass tiles I have made.  Below is a preview of each one. Zip file HERE


           Pastel Icy Tiles                               Swirly Tiles           


Lace Tiles--Click HERE to download


Forge Filter Background Tiles--Click HERE to download


Tartan Plaids HERE

Lots of Gels

Pretty Spring Flower Buttons   HERE

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