Snowbear, original name was Snow, but he sure looked like a Bear to me!  His arrival at our house was really by crazy chance.  Another gal, who is into Akita rescue, had rescued this boy in Miami and needed someone to foster him for a few days until arrangements could be made to send him to Akita Rescue Soc of Florida up in Jacksonville.  We had just lost our Tiko and were more than happy to help out for "a few days".  As you can see we are complete foster failures.


Snowbear captured our hearts when he jumped out of the SUV and has continued to capture us each day.  As children are all different, so are dogs.  SB (I use this for short.  LOL) is completely opposite in many ways from Tiko.  He has to be with us and follows us around.  He is the gentlest, most even tempered Akita I've ever met.  He has finished basic obedience which was a breeze for him and now is starting to go to bi-monthly get togethers for socialization.





He is now my service dog.  I swear Tiko sent him to us, and has told him all the secrets in the house and backyard.  LOL