Tim was born in Miami, Florida on 9 September 1967.  Miami was then a very small city, and driving to the hospital was driving over very rural roads with many bumps!  And, in a tiny Volkswagen, at that.  Tim was almost 10 pounds when he was born, the largest of all the children.  He also decided he wanted to born FAST, and it was a race to get me to the delivery table.




One of my favorite pictures of  Tim and Jessie



 Their son, Brady Andrew was born 29 November 2004, it was such an exciting event.  the family was in on the entire thing, we sat in the waiting room at Baptist hospital.  when Tim came out (he was in the delivery room also) he announced Brady had been born.  Tim and Jessie were picking out names, but wouldn't tell the rest of the family.  When I heard the name, I just burst into tears......Brady, though now a popular name for a boy, is also my maiden name.  my mom must have been just beaming down from heaven.

Brady Andrew at his first birthday party, 2005drew O'Keefe

Brady turned one year old, November, 2005






Tim with his sisters Maureen and Betsy

The West Coast O'Keefes! 

November, 2011


The O'Keefes, 2014


Brady, 3rd Grade.  My time flies so fast.....he's getting so tall, and he's a smart young man!




These were taken March and May of this year.  The one on the right shows Brady all buckled up in his an aircraft ready to fly to Missouri to see his Aunt and Uncle and cousins.